Financial Cultivator

A financial consultant by trade, Lyshaan “LA” Hall has served as a resource for small urban businesses for nearly a decade. Entities and entertainers that have benefited from his knowledge include Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, Brooklyn Circus, Vibe Magazine, Wendy Williams, Notorious BIG, and Nas. Hall is a member of the National Black MBA Association and the National Association of Tax Preparers. With a degree from Stony Brook University, and graduate studies in the Executive School of Business at Baruch College, Lyshaan’s core competency lies in his ability to aid people in navigating personal and small business tax law.

A Brooklyn native, he has visited seven countries, been boxing for over 10 years, and is currently working on his second Perspectives of Fashion book to be published in 2012.

A Brooklyn native, he has visited seven countries, been boxing for over 10 years, and is currently working on his second Perspectives of Fashion book to be published in the Fall of 2010.


Head of Operations

Gail was born in Saint Lucia and came to the United States when she was 10 years old. Easily bribed with chocolate, Gail comes to Acacia Unlimited with experience from film and banking industries. With her mother as her cheerleader, she is working on a degree in Forensic Psychology and is practicing mixed martial arts. Within the next five years Gail will have visited Egypt and Japan and shown her paintings in a world-renowned New York City gallery.


Customer Service Representative

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Ness is a Renaissance woman. With experience in sales, human resources, and marketing, she has offered support to a family-owned business and internationally known lifestyle brand, Brooklyn Circus. Driven by the mistakes of others, Ness is pursuing a life of victories by doing undergraduate work at Brooklyn College.  When she isn’t creating music on Garage Band or enjoying the Coney Island Boardwalk, you can find Ness with her family and two dogs, Zoe and Chico.


Online  Contributor

A finance consultant by trade, music producer by passion and writer by destiny, Alf has lent his expertise to many companies: Def Jam, Bad Boy Entertainment, Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, and PlanIt Brooklyn.  He credits life as his most valuable educational experience.  Between corporate responsibilities and studio sessions, he can be found offering his perspective on and Alf now resides in Brooklyn, NY and is working on an upcoming book Doing Lines.


Marketing & Production, PlanIt Brooklyn

In the New York creative arts community Ashley Mui is affectionately known as “Funky Fresh.”  With a degree in Business Marketing from St. Johns University, she is recognized for producing projects and events that engage others in identifying the beauty in themselves, others, and their surrounding.  A Bay Area transplant, Mui has used her professional experience to forward the business of Wax Poetics Magazine & Records, So Live! Arts Movement, Three Free Design Inc/APT 141, DOPE SWAN, Keistar Productions, and individual arts professionals. Today, you can find Funky Fresh forwarding her THX movement from her home in Brooklyn, New York.


Marketing & Production, PlanIt Brooklyn

A native of California, Sallomé has emerged as one of the most highly recognized guerillas in New York City.  Dubbed a “Social Architect,” for the past 8 years she has shared her experience in personal development, community activism, and social networking with global entities.   Between 2008-2009, she produced a 3-day tribute to Spike Lee and traveled throughout the continental United States in a 32-city tour.  She recently launched iPromise, an online video campaign redirecting the enthusiasm of Barack Obama’s election towards personal accountability.  Find out more about Sallomé by visiting her blog or following her on Twitter @Sallome.

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