Brewster’s Millions

Imagine if you will, a knock upon your chamber door. As you ponder what’s in store, and you moonwalk across your hardwood floor, you think to yourself, “Delivery guy has probably got the wrong floor.” Alas, quote the mailman, “Never poor! You’ve just won thirty million dollars!” You can’t believe it, but it’s true. Your future flashes before your eyes. You envision going back to work adorned in nothing but a pair of argyle socks and a fur hat, hoping your soon to be ex-boss calls you into his office so you can fire him when he tries to fire you! So after you quit your job, give half your winnings to the IRS, buy your family and a few of your close friends their dream houses, shopping sprees, and give to charities, etc…what are you going to do with the remaining nine million?

A good percentage of individuals who have very little money management skills tend to lose lump sums of their money just as easily as they acquired it (especially lotto winners). There is an almost automatic impulse to acquire ALL you couldn’t afford before the acquisition of new monies (but somehow you managed to survive prior). No one ever considers the electricity and gas expenditures that come with a seventeen-bedroom estate and how one may need to generate a certain amount of income annually just to sustain that newfound lifestyle (and the distant relatives and new friends). All of a sudden, maybe telling your boss where he can file his month end reports wasn’t such a great idea.

Maybe it’s time to think past the mansion and the yacht. Even in fantasy. You don’t need to be rich to plan ahead but if you don’t plan ahead, you’ll probably never get rich – or stay there. Quote the Mailman, “Never Poor!”

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