Slumdog Millionaire – for love or money?

Have you ever been good at a something? So good, in fact, that you were constantly encouraged to pursue a career in that particular arena? Of course, who doesn’t relish a career in a field in which they are adept and passionate?  Before you communicate to your loved ones that you will soon be attending culinary school due to mass accolades for your renowned bean pie recipe however, there are a few factors to consider.

There is a huge difference between a job and a passion. Being motivated by passion inspires an end product predicated on emotions and often, with self-inflicted deadlines. A career however necessitates that you generate output because you are paid to do so. Your employer cares little if your creative juices are flowing or what your motivations are. The prime focus is that you conjure up a product in a timely fashion, a product that is of course as good if not better than when your creative juices were overflowing.

As always, you have options. You can either A) create a magic world where time or money is not necessary (death I believe it’s called), B) choose a career that doesn’t even allow for creative expression (slow death I believe it’s called), or C) condition yourself to compromise your passions with the world’s needs.

All in all, be grateful that anyone thinks highly enough of your work to pay you for it. If you show the world enough love in the form of sacrifice, you may never need a million dollars, and perhaps get it anyway.

(Answer: C)

(For more information on how to align your passion/purpose and your work, visit Jullien Gordon’s Career Change Challenge.)

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Photo: Courtesy of Fox Searchlight


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