When Harry Met Sallie Mae

Can a man and a woman retain a plutonic friendship without romantic complications? That particular quagmire ruled moviegoers’ hearts and minds throughout the 80’s and early 90’s. These days, the more pressing inquiry seems to be: Can a (wo)man be friends with their student loans without bankruptcy complications? That, also, remains unanswered.

More and more college graduates struggle with dwindling job markets and increasing tuition costs amidst a post-apocalyptic financial crisis. Looming loans and lack of employment have been no picnic for a generation who swore an oath to financial empowerment through intellectual enhancement. Aside from the acquisition of triple word score vocabularies, the big payback seems to be incrementally chugging along and has proven more daunting than anticipated. So what gives?

Nothing gives. The cost of living has continually gone up and job markets have always been waxing and waning (just ask your local blacksmith). It is merely a different economic time and place for the current generation. I can’t imagine how dealing with tuition costs can be any more exhaustive than adjusting to a revolution of industrial proportions.  I also can’t imagine the solutions being any simpler.

The wealthy and inventive will always find a means around tuition expenses. The Thomas Edisons and Steve Jobs of the world will be ok. For the rest of society however, the saga continues.

(Read more about the college loan bubble in Mike Karnjanaprakorn’s College, Inc.)

To read more from contributor, Alfred Obiesie, visit his blog at http://crazedafrykan.blogspot.com.


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