The Social Net Worth

Anyone remember when money really mattered? Whoever had the gold made the rules. All one had to do was yield enough Bobby Dinero to make things happen and things happened. Seems the raging bull may have lost some heat. So what happened? Connections happened. Internet status is gradually replacing socioeconomic status and before we realize, the amount of friends amassed in an online book of faces may eventually surpass actual net worth. Especially if one owns a business requiring customers, or engages in any activity involving human interaction. Go ahead. I’ll wait for you to think of something that doesn’t.

Remaining linked in to multiple trends has always proven fruitful to fashionistas primarily but as we rapidly download our lives online, trending topics can also prove lucrative to the rest of us. The quality of the connection is always a factor in ROI (return on investment) however. Tumbling into the new boys network can certainly pay dividends. A well-placed digital friend can connect you to your dream job, dream gig or even dream girl (And I am telling you!).

As we witness foreign regimes topple via social network led revolutions and governments print currency to augment diminishing dollar values, who can question the appreciating relevance of connections a.k.a social networks? Tweeting on the open market will certainly pay dividends in the near future if you follow sound investment principles; invest in what you believe in but most importantly, keep your ear to the tweets (sorry, couldn’t resist hackneyed twitter humor).

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