Show Me What You Got


After all these years of crossing your T’s and dotting your I’s, endless
nights of R&D, and very little R&R, your diligence and never say die attitude
has finally paid off. You’ve perfected your multi million dollar idea sure to
make Mark Zuckerberg’s achievements pale in comparison. You now have in your
sole possession, the secret formula, special sauce, ultimate product, yada yada
yada. Your recipe for success is just as tasty as Colonel Sanders’ and more
efficient too (you only used 10 herbs and spices, debunking the traditional 11.)
So how do you get your product to market without getting ripped off?

If having your idea village plundered is one your primary concerns, your magic
elixir may never make it to market. There is no definitive way to protect
against the threat of intellectual property plagiarists and copycats (despite
patents, trademarks, and confidentiality agreements). Depending on one’s point of
view however, plagiarism could easily be misconstrued as influence. Take solace
in the fact that your idea is actually worth “borrowing” and that you genuinely
may be one to something.

A proven method of “safeguarding” your ideas is to be first known for that idea,
which means doing the exact opposite of conventional wisdom. That means alerting
the free world of your innovations rather than hiding them. Few may try and run
with your ideas but most individuals are good-natured and will do more to
progress your efforts. The world will ever know if Michael Jackson was the first
to adorn a white, glittered glove but he has the most notoriety for it so by
default, MJ is the inventor.

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