Acacia ULTD powers Romance & Finance

Together Apart presents The Live Convo #14

Romance & Finance: Credit Scores, Child Support & Spending Habits:
A Convo Exploring How Money Affects Relationships

Find out how to discuss debt, long-term & short-term goals, investment opportunities, and budgeting with your significant other. This conversation will also empower single men and women, offering advice on how to get your financial challenges solved and tools to communicate your financial past, present, and future before entering your next relationship.

March 19th, 2011
7:00 – 10:00pm (doors open at 6:30pm)

The Open Center
22 East 30th Street
(between 5th & Madison)

Hosted by Chris Kazi Rolle

Powered by PlanIt Brooklyn & Acacia ULTD

Advanced Tickets $20

Are you in relationship with a starving artist, shopaholic, penny pincher, wannabe “baller,” or someone who has to put their phone in your name? Join financial advisers, tax consultants, and wealth managers to discuss how matters of the heart and the bottom line can work together.

Lyshaan Hall, Acacia Ultd (Tax Consultant)
Ryan Mack, Optimum Capital (Financial Planner & Author of Living in the Village: Build Your Financial Future and Strengthen Your Community)
Jacquette M. Timmons, Sterling Investment Management (Investment Expert & Author of Financial Intimacy)
Tiffany Aliche, CLD Financial Life (Author of The One Week Budget)
Frank Mesa, Strategies for Wealth (Wealth Manager)


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