Can’t Knock the Hustle, But Maybe You Should

Grinding. Hustling. Just do it. Go hard or go home. This generation has created many a colloquialism for working their fingers to the bone. In an effort to keep pace with Diddy, Kobe, and others who are revered for their successes, we have adopted the belief that the only path to economic freedom is working until we pass out with drool hanging from our bottom lip and our laptops dangling from our bellies like newborn babies yet to have their umbilical cords detached. Families be damned. Relationships be damned. Success or bust is the mantra. Balance, stability and peace of mind are all reasonable tradeoffs for success in your respective field. Some how, it just doesn’t seem right.

You, especially New Yorkers, must have at least 2 other “hustles” or risk being ridiculed by your peers (“You lazy lima bean. I have tree job. I am the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker … and I work part time in the flower shop”).

Sean Combs and Kobe Bryant are not the norm and you should not be measuring your achievements against those freaks of nature. Most often, the desire to work until your eyes bleed was born under economic duress and the desire to escape poverty. Truth be told, most millionaires don’t make their first million until they turn 50. The reason you are aware of the anomalies is because they are just that, anomalies. There may be nothing wrong with going hard AND going home. Now relax and go get some sleep.

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