Make Contribution a Way of Life

How often do you donate to your neighborhood youth center, local non-profit, or nearest charity?

In 2008, the majority (75%) of the $307.65 billion given to charitable organizations was from individuals.  The breakdown of where the money went:

  • Religious congregations and other religious organizations = $106.89 billion (35% of the total), up 5.5%.
  • Education organizations = $40.94 billion (13%), down 5.5%.
  • Foundations = $32.65 billion, down 19.2%.
  • Gifts to Health organizations = $21.64 billion (7%), down 6.5%.
  • Estimated giving to the Public-Society Benefit subsector = $23.88 billion (8%), up 5.4%.
  • Arts/Culture/Humanities organizations = $12.79 billion (4%), down 6.4%.
  • International Affairs organizations (which include relief, direct aid, exchange, and other programs focused on international issues) = $13.3 billion (4%), up less than 1%.
  • Giving to the Environment/Animals subsector = $6.58 billion (2%), down 5.5%.

If we look specifically at black philanthropy, Emmett Carson, president and CEO of The Minneapolis Foundation, says that there are three major branches: “…humanitarian aid, designed to ameliorate individual and community hardship; institutional development or self-help regarding the establishment of churches, schools, and commercial enterprises for black communities; and movements for social change…” Not surprisingly, as noted by Ball, much of black philanthropy has, historically, been centered in the church.

In this Play Dough article, we applaud the following entertainers for their attempt to address what goes unaddressed through our tax dollars.

Big Boi Big Kidz Foundation

Established in 2006, by Outkast member Antwan “Big Boi” Patton, the Big Kidz Foundation nurtures the intellect of youth by providing them with culturally diverse experiences, in the field of humanities, with an intention to expand their leadership abilities and create social-conscious individuals.  The Foundation operates with a belief that cultural exposure, musical and literary expressions, and the invaluable experiences of travel make for a well-rounded person.

Kanye WestKanye West Foundation

Founded by the late Dr. Donda West, the mission of the Kanye West Foundation, is to help combat the severe dropout problem in schools across the United States by partnering with community organizations to provide under-served youth access to music production programs.

DJ Beverly BondBlack Girls Rock, Inc.

A mentoring outreach program targeting “at risk” teenage women of color, Black Girls Rock was established to promote the arts and to encourage dialogue about the images of women in hip hop music & culture.  By raising awareness and offering support through discussion, education, counseling,  internships, mentoring and advocacy, the organization seeks to build the self-esteem and self-worth of young ladies.


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