Greed is Good as Dead…Right?

Many moons ago, we convinced ourselves that mass consumption was the way to go.  Bigger was better (insert SUV here), credit was king (insert national deficit here) and the only size worth owning was super (insert stints to enlarge clogged arteries here).

Whatever the reasons for our exorbitant behaviors, some say capitalism gone awry and I tend to agree with some, it is safe to assume that amidst all the presumed recovery currently re-energizing wall street – the housing markets, the automobile industry, the entertainment industry and most businesses alike – we have clearly learned our lessons and are certain never go down this road again… Right?

If precedent is any indicator of human behavior – suffice it to say that once we, ahem, “recover” – we will surely be looking for the next great investment or longing to out-do our neighbors in stuff ownership.  After all, what is life without stuff?  So what will it be next time?  More Internet stock?  More real estate?  Perhaps even childhood memorabilia?  Since Avatar did so well, the Smurfs are certain to be next.

Before you decide to purchase this old house so you can flip this house, please think about this: DON’T DO IT!! Have you learned nothing?  There is no such thing as a quick buck.  Those who have amassed wealth have done it through sound decision-making, financial planning, hard work, extraordinary talents and/or inheritances.  You can have it fast or you can have it good but you can’t have it both ways.  Invest in patience.

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